Month in Review – September 2023

Month in review (september)

Join us for the monthly roundup as we have a closer look at Hexact’s September highlights. We are thrilled to reveal our latest developments, including a new AI automation, a stunning new feature, and a collection of fresh tutorials created to fuel your journey into the automation movement.

ChatGPT 4 automation added to Hexomatic

This month, we’re excited to introduce ChatGPT 4 Automation to Hexomatic, another game-changer in the world of automation. ChatGPT 4, developed by OpenAI, brings creative and analytical abilities to the table. With the help of this new automation, you can now use OpenAI’s most advanced model in your workflows.

Imagine automating tasks, whether writing content, handling data, or simplifying complex processes. With ChatGPT 4, this becomes a reality! This update isn’t just about technology; it’s about allowing you to achieve more with just minimal effort.

An email preview option for Hexospark’s campaign section

In the latest Hexospark update, we have added the ability to send test emails to your inbox from any campaign, allowing you to preview emails in any email client.

This new feature offers peace of mind, enabling you to review all details before sending emails to your intended recipients.

New ready-made workflows added to Hexomatic

We are delighted to share that we have added 17 ready-made workflow templates to Hexomatic, allowing you to complete tasks with just a few clicks. These templates simplify complex processes, saving time and effort while helping you to achieve optimal results. 

  1. Automate ChatGPT tasks– Automate ChatGPT tasks in bulk! Summarize, improve, craft content, analyze, create social media posts, and more in bulk using our ready-made ChatGPT workflow template.
  1. Scrape Google News– Scrape Google News data in bulk! Easily find relevant information and extract it in seconds with our ready-made Google News scraper automation workflow template.
  1. Scrape Google Shopping– Get product details from Google Shopping at scale using our Google Shopping scraper automation workflow template. Compare product prices, reviews, and more.
  1. Scrape Amazon search results– Get access to real-time Amazon product search results for any country and keyword in a convenient CSV or Google Sheet format.
  1. Scrape Google search to a spreadsheet– Turn any Google search into a structured spreadsheet. Ideal for research at scale.
  1. Scrape Yelp search results– Scrape Yelp search results with our ready-made workflow automation template. Get market trends, reviews, business details in seconds.
  1. Find logos and favicons for a list of URLs– Our ready-made logo and favicon finder workflow template will automatically extract all the logos and favicons in bulk from a list of URLs.
  1. Scrape phone numbers from a list of URLs– Our ready-made workflow will automatically scrape phone numbers from a list of URLs. Great workflow to expand your network!
  1. Automate Bard AI tasks– Get fresh data from Google search results, making it an ideal alternative to ChatGPT which is limited to pre-2021 data with our ready-made workflow.
  1. Perform sentiment analysis on a list of URLs– Perform sentiment analysis in seconds at scale with our ready-made workflow template! Get setup in minutes.
  1. Categorize a list of website URLs– Categorize and classify a list of websites automatically with our ready-made workflow template.
  1. Check a list of URLs for known malware and malicious URLs– Safeguard your website from malicious URLs with our ready-made workflow template. This automation analyzes pages for known malware or phishing URLs.
  1. Audit a list of URLs for mobile-friendly issues– Our mobile audit ready-made workflow will automatically audit a list of URLs for mobile-friendliness at scale.
  1. Capture screenshots of a list of URLs– Capture screenshots from a list of URLs with our ready-made workflow automation template. This automation captures screenshots using 8 different device sizes at scale.
  1. Extract all the URLs from an XML sitemap– Our ready-made workflow will help you extract all the URLs from the sitemap in seconds.
  1. Check the URL status of a list of URLs– Check the URL status in bulk with our ready-made workflow automation template. Reveal broken links at scale in minutes.
  1. Find all the URLs and pages from a website to CSV format– Crawl entire websites to capture all their URLs in a handy CSV or Google Sheet format using this ready-made workflow template.

What’s new in the Academy

We understand the importance of guiding our users through our products and helping them navigate their functionalities. That’s why we have created new tutorials and articles for Hexospark, Hexofy, and Hexomatic. These resources are crafted to ensure our users can fully utilize our offerings:

  • 🔹 Hexomatic

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?– Discover what is robotic process automation and how you can choose the best RPA tools to increase ROI rates and productivity!

How to Scrape Amazon Data Using Python– Learn how to scrape Amazon data using Python and find a no-code alternative to data scraping with Hexomatic! Simply follow the steps mentioned in the article and level up your eCommerce game with the right data collection techniques!

  • 🔹 Hexofy

6 Best TikTok scraper tools to get data from TikTok- Learn how to analyze the data on TikTok, such as video links, number of followers, etc. using one of the best TikTok scraper tools!

How to find talking points on LinkedIn using Hexofy AI– In this article, we dive deeper into the art of finding the right talking points on LinkedIn and in person, which will become the secret sauce for your success! 

How to analyze Crunchbase data using Hexofy AI– Crunchbase data provides information about startups, companies, and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as company financials, leadership, investment rounds, the latest news about companies and industries, and more. Learn how to scrape this valuable data with Hexofy in seconds!

How to create original product descriptions using Hexofy AI– Create original product descriptions using Hexofy AI and save you time and effort by streamlining the content creation processes!

How to scrape the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with Hexofy– Scrape BBB and collect the required data in seconds with the help of Hexofy. No coding skills needed!

How to use Regex patterns scraping with Hexofy– Learn how to use Regex patterns and accurately scrape and separate the required information from the specified webpage!

  • 🔹 Hexowatch

How to Monitor Your Website for Visual or Technical Regressions– Website monitoring for technical or visual regressions is one of the most critical aspects of web design and development. In this article, we show you how you can monitor websites effectively using one of the best monitoring tools- Hexowatch.

We remain committed to continuous improvement, aiming to enhance user experience. Your feedback is invaluable in this journey, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on our new features and updates. 

Thank you for being part of our community and contributing to making our products even better!❤️