Month in Review – October 2023

Month in review (october)

October was a busy month at Hexact, with the launch of new “done for you” services for our clients, a big development project happening on Hexomatic, and a ton of new articles and tutorials to help you tap into automation at scale.

Ready to explore a new era of efficiency and productivity? Let’s dive in together now! 

“Done for you” Concierge services for Hexowatch and Hexomatic

October proved to be a milestone month for us as we introduced an exciting new way to enhance your experience with Hexowatch and Hexomatic – our Concierge Services.

What are Concierge services?

Would you like to have a personal assistant, but for your web scraping, monitoring, or automation needs? That’s exactly what our Concierge Services for Hexowatch and Hexomatic offer. For a one-time fee of $99 per task, our skilled team steps in to create change monitoring campaigns, scraping recipes, or automation workflows that will perfectly align with your business needs. 

How does it work?

Getting started with our Concierge Services is simple. Once you’ve outlined your requirements, our team gets to work allowing you to focus entirely on your business while we handle the setup.

Why choose Concierge services for Hexomatic and Hexowatch?

With our Concierge Services, you save valuable hours that can be used to plan new business strategies, generate leads, and more. Our experts not only streamline your digital processes but also make sure you’re getting the most out of our platforms, improving your efficiency and productivity.

Huge improvements coming soon to Hexomatic

For the last months, our team has been working on a huge project to bring more parallel processing for scraping recipes and workflows.

This involves a rewrite of many of our automations and our scraping engine but should result in much faster workflow processing speeds.

More details about this coming soon as we get closer to deploying this update!

What’s new in the Academy

In October, our team has been busy creating articles and tutorials! The latter are designed to make using our products super easy. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these articles will be your trusty companions, guiding you every step of the way. 


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