Hexact is officially five years old 🎉

Last year was nothing short of a meteoric rise for Hexact driven by platform improvements, new learning resources in our academy, breakthrough tech, new partnerships and a massive 5286% increase in web scraping activity from our customers.

We couldn’t have done it without our customers, community, team, and investors helping us grow our movement ⚡.

Here are a few highlights from the last 12 months:

🌟 Skyrocketing Growth

We zoomed past 130,000 active users and scraped a colossal 237 million pages. This isn’t just growth; it’s hypergrowth.

📚 Knowledge is Power

Launched 225 tutorials, 43 videos, and 15 shorts. Knowledge is the rocket fuel for innovation, and we’re here to supply it.

⚙️ Breakthroughs in Tech

We launched Hexofy and delivered over 35 updates across our platforms, making our tech smarter, faster, and more efficient. 

💸 Funding the Future

Raised $348K via StartEngine. It’s not just about funding; it’s about believing in a vision of the future where technology serves us all better.

🏆 Recognition

Bagged G2 High Performer awards and recognition from MarketWatch. It’s nice when people notice you’re changing the game.

🌍 Scaling Up

Thanks to our friends at SADA and Google Cloud, we scaled our infrastructure by 4X. We’re laying the groundwork for even bigger things to come.

Five years later, we are still pushing towards our mission to make web scraping and automation accessible to everyone. It’s been a phenomenal journey so far, and we’re just getting started!