Month in Review- March 2024

Month in Review- March 2024

Welcome to our March 2024 update from Hexact! Last month, we were busy launching our newest automation: Hexomatic Gemini Ultra. With this powerful addition, you can now take your automation game to the next level, tackling complex tasks with ease.

But that’s not all! We’ve also been busy writing informative and insightful blog articles covering everything from web scraping techniques to handy tips and tricks.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the details of our March update and explore all the exciting features and resources designed to empower you on your automation journey!

Hexomatic’s Gemini Ultra Launch

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest automation: Gemini Ultra. With a 90.0% score on the MMLU, this powerful automation surpasses human expertise in a wide range of subjects, offering great performance in language understanding and problem-solving tasks. 

With Gemini Ultra automation, users can automate various tasks efficiently and effortlessly, unlocking new levels of productivity and innovation.

Here’s how you can start with the Gemini Ultra automation:

✅ Manually paste a list via Data Input to streamline tasks.

✅ Upload a CSV file via Data Input for seamless integration with spreadsheets.

✅ Integrate directly into a Hexomatic Workflow to leverage scraped or generated data.

What’s new in the Academy

In March, we’ve written articles about web scrapers, explaining their functionality and usage. We’ve also delved into AI video generators, offering comprehensive resources to help you explore and understand this innovative technology further.

How to automate ChatGPT-4 Vision?– Hexomatic continues to innovate with the introduction of the ChatGPT-4 Vision automation. This powerful model integrates into Hexomatic workflows, acting as a virtual assistant that simplifies visual tasks and transforms visuals into actionable insights.

Let’s delve into the possibilities offered by this automation that requires no coding or complex software!

What is Web Scraping? Useful Tips on Scraping– Ever wondered how people collect loads of data from the internet? Well, they use web scraping tools or services to do it way faster than manual methods.

Since many tasks rely on analyzing data, web scraping has become essential in industries like marketing, eCommerce, real estate, and medicine.

Let’s explore what web scraping is and how it can save you time by automating data collection instead of tediously copying and pasting from websites!

The Best AI Video Generators Review 2024– Video content is essential for anyone looking to get noticed online. With more than 80% of all online traffic coming from videos, it’s clear that people love watching videos more than reading texts or looking at pictures.

AI is making it super easy for anyone to create videos. Now, there are many AI tools out there that can help you make videos quickly and without spending a lot of money.

Let’s find out what are AI video generators and take a look at some of the top AI video makers available today.