Month in Review- February 2024

Month in Review- February 2024

Welcome to our monthly review for February 2024! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on and how we are shaping the future of automation.

In February, we launched Hexospark 2.0, which is a real game-changer.

But we didn’t stop there. This month, we unveiled a new partnership, ran powerful webinars and fresh articles. They’re packed with insights and how-tos that will make your life easier.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with all the cool stuff February brought us!

Hexospark 2.0 launch

Yes, we did it! Our Hexospark 2.0 version launch is a milestone we’re incredibly proud of. This version isn’t just an update—it’s crafted to let you send highly personalized emails at scale while considering the latest bulk emailing guidelines introduced by Google.

Hexospark 2.0 includes email account health checks to make sure your emails reach the inboxes you need:

  • – SPF verification blocks unauthorized users from dispatching emails as though they were you, safeguarding your domain’s reputation.
  • – DKIM authentication confirms that your emails remain unaltered while they’re en route to their destination.
  • – DMARC inspection verifies the existence of domain policies in your DNS records, establishing guidelines for email authentication.

Other key improvements include:

  • – User interface enhancements: We’ve made it simpler than ever to add your email accounts to Hexospark.
  • – Template editor and personalization: Our upgraded template editor and expanded hyper-personalization options mean crafting genuine and compelling emails is now easier.
  • – Flexible scheduling: Plan your email campaigns precisely over 24 hours for optimal timing, which is crucial for avoiding restrictions and maximizing engagement.
  • – Revamped contacts section: Focusing on what’s important is easier with our streamlined contacts interface, without the need for external tools like spreadsheets or complex CRMs.

Hexact + Newo Partnership

This month we unveiled a very exciting partnership between Hexact and Newo, a really exciting startup that is creating AI employees.

Together we hosted an action-packed webinar featuring a fully autonomous AI receptionist, that is able to handle live phone calls, provide product and service recommendations as well as book appointments based on current availability.

But this is only just the start, not only is Hexact a master agent for Newo, able to help any business build their own virtual employee on their platform, but our AI assistants can also perform Hexomatic tasks.

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>>> Check out our webinar for more information.

New webinars

In February, we also hosted several webinars focusing on some of our products, including Hexofy and Hexowatch. 

These sessions were designed to provide deeper insights and practical tips on how to use the tools to their fullest potential, helping you streamline your tasks more effectively. 

Whether you’re new to these products or looking to enhance your current usage, these webinars are packed with valuable information tailored to boost your productivity and results.

1. Hexofy + AI Webinar

In our Hexofy webinar, we showed you how to easily grab the data you need with just one click using Hexofy. But we didn’t stop there. 

We also introduced how you can quickly get tasks done without leaving the webpage, thanks to the Hexofy AI assistant. Just tell your AI assistant what you need, and watch it happen right on the page. It’s all about making things faster and simpler for you.

Here’s the replay of the webinar for you to watch: Unlock Effortless Web Scraping: Hexofy + AI Webinar

2. Hexowatch

In our Hexowatch webinar, we showed how important it is to keep an eye on your competitors and how to do it right. We shared tips on using Hexowatch to get the scoop on what competitors are up to, helping you spot trends and opportunities. 

Whether you’re new to tracking competitors or looking to get better at it, this webinar has something for everyone. We talked about why keeping tabs on competitors matters, how our tools can help, and how to pick out the key info you need to stay ahead.

Check the replay of the webinar- Spy on Your Rivals Like a Pro! Competitor Monitoring Secrets Revealed

3. Newo + Hexact

We’ve shown how you can “hire” AI Digital Employees! Ideal for hotels, spas, salons, and medical offices tired of high staff turnover and missed calls. Our AI works 24/7, handling calls, bookings, and more—without ever quitting.

Check the replay of the webinar here- Revolutionize Your Business with AI Digital Employees: Secrets to 24/7 Receptionists, Sales, Support

What’s new in the Academy

In February, we enriched our academy with fresh articles to deepen your understanding of our products and the automation industry. Dive into these resources to discover new insights and master the art of automation!