Hexact’s Infrastructure Scales 4X with the Help of SADA and Google Cloud

Here at Hexact, we are thrilled to announce that our collaboration with SADA, a premier Google Cloud Partner, has resulted in a monumental growth in our infrastructure’s capacity. Thanks to the expertise and strategic guidance from SADA, we’ve successfully scaled our service capacity by four times while maintaining our existing cost basis.

Our commitment to providing accessible web scraping and work automation solutions has always been at the heart of our business. Our ecosystem serve over a quarter million users around the world, processing 20 million tasks daily. These innovative platforms are powered by Google Cloud and heavily rely on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which prompted us to seek SADA’s proficiency as we encountered predefined consumption thresholds.

SADA’s team embarked on an architectural review of our infrastructure, which led to a series of actionable recommendations. These included transitioning to a containerized GKE environment and implementing best practices for scalability. This strategic advice was instrumental in allowing us to support our rapidly expanding user base without additional financial outlay.

Security is paramount for us and our customers. SADA’s work in hardening our GKE instances has been extensive, aligning with Google Cloud security best practices and incorporating workload identity along with container vulnerability scanning.

In the realm of Identity & Access Management (IAM), SADA has been pivotal. They advised on the integration of Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities and helped configure Cloud Directory Sync for seamless user provisioning. By following their IAM roles worksheet and organizational policies, we’ve established a secure and streamlined access management system.

The collaboration also showcased SADA’s global capabilities, as their Global Delivery Center in Yerevan, Armenia, worked closely with our own developers based there. This proximity facilitated communication and project efficiency.

As a direct result of this partnership, we at Hexact have not only scaled our capabilities but have also been able to focus more on developing innovative product features and enhancing customer service. We are excited to continue improving our Google Cloud environment with the ongoing support of SADA’s cloud expertise.

Read the full press release here.