Month in review- May 2022

Wrapping up the last month of spring with exciting updates across all our platforms.

First and foremost, Hexomatic, Hexowatch, and Hexometer now accept PayPal as a payment option. 🎉

Another frequently requested feature has been released this month: 

Hexomatic workflows can now be triggered via any Hexowatch change monitor to perform tasks when changes are detected. ⚡

This is the start of deeper integration between our platforms with more to come.

This month our team has been focusing on backend upgrades and refactoring on both Hexometer and Hexowatch.

A ton of other updates for Hexomatic have been made this month, including new automations, a better scraping recipe builder, and more 🚀. 

Here are the highlights of the month:

⭐New WordPress media upload automation that allows you to upload media files to WordPress in bulk.

⭐Improved scraping recipe builder, enabling you to scroll specific elements in addition to scrolling the entire page.

⭐More patches were deployed to improve scraping recipes’ success rates which affected some websites.

⭐ Improved pagination in the scraping recipe builder, allowing you to handle pagination in cases when the page URL doesn’t physically change.

⭐“Enter” custom action is added to our scraping recipe builder. This enables you to perform an “Enter” key press, ideal for website forms where there are no clickable buttons.

⭐ Contextual automation suggestions, recommending popular automations that go well with your chosen automation inside your workflow.

⭐ Additional scheduling frequency options allowing to select the most convenient time for running your Hexomatic workflows.

⭐ Fast or Standard mode option available on several automations (Files & Documents finder Emails scraper, Get page content, Extract links from a page, Pull contact, Social link scraper).

⭐ Last but not least, our automations now provide preview information about inputs and outputs, so you will know what to input and what type of outputs to expect before running the workflow. 

Additionally, we have been busy creating a ton of new Hexomatic tutorials to help you automate more tasks in your business. These include:

Our ultimate 40-page guide to using custom actions in scraping recipes

How to scrape Yelp to find B2B leads

How to validate emails at scale to protect your sender score

How to scrape articles and translate in bulk

How to create QR codes for all your products in bulk

How to audit an entire website for accessibility issues in minutes

How to check an entire website for grammar and spelling mistakes

How to trigger workflows when pages are updated using Hexowatch

How to find social media account profiles by username or email

How to convert audio to text and transcribe at scale

How to spy on your competitors’ best-referring backlinks and domains

Our team looks forward to sharing more updates next month.