Month in review- April 2022

Another productive month at Hexact HQ is wrapped up with new achievements, tons of improvements, and new features across our platforms πŸ₯³.

First up, Hexomatic, Hexowatch, and Hexometer received coveted awards from Capterra, GetAPP and G2. πŸ†

This month our growth-hacking platform Hexomatic received powerful new automations and a ton of UI/UX and other platform improvements:

⭐ Amazon product search automation (premium) to take your Amazon research experience to the next level.

⭐ Data input automation has got a new visual UI, providing simplified access to upload CSV, TXT, IMG, AUDIO, PDF, or JSON files.

⭐ Workflow data archiving has been added, enabling you to access historical data when running workflows again.

⭐ Tagging mechanism has been improved, allowing you to select multiple tags or find all workflows for a specific tag by clicking the tag.

⭐ Additional progress data is displayed for a running workflow.

⭐ Additional frequency options added for scheduling, allowing you to select the most convenient time for running your Hexomatic workflows.

⭐ Table and card view access enabled for scheduling options.

⭐ You can now duplicate selected elements in the scraping recipes. In addition, date element type has been added to the scraping recipe builder, allowing you to scrape dates in different formats.

⭐ We have significantly improved the process of creating and using workflows, making it easier and faster. Further updates and enhancements are coming soon to make the user experience even better.

Our change monitoring platform Hexowatch has received a number of improvements, including:

⭐ Conditional rules and custom actions improved for the HTML and Visual monitors.

⭐ An option to duplicate Hexowatch monitors is added.

⭐ Bulk editing is improved enabling you to set custom notification channels.

⭐ An option is added to disable notifications when pages can’t be retrieved.

⭐ By popular demand, an option is added allowing you to switch between monitoring alerts on a page.

Lastly, you can now leave your feedback and suggestions directly from your Hexomatic and Hexowatch dashboards, helping to take our automation movement to the next level ⚑.

We truly appreciate your opinion and contribution.

Stay tuned not to miss out on updates in the next month πŸ””.