Month in review – July 2022

July was super-productive at Hexact HQ. 

But first…let’s start with the biggest announcement of the month.

Yes, we reached the 100K users milestone  🎉 .

A huge thank you to our team and community for being part of our movement.

This month we received another exciting recognition: Hexowatch made the Capterra 2022 shortlist as an Emerging Favorite in the data analysis category.

Additionally, the month was full of updates and improvements on our main growth hacking platforms. 

🤖 Hexomatic

⭐  Over 100 new social networks and communities added to our discover profiles automation including Quora, Twitch, Zillow, Venmo, and more.

⭐  Two new languages are now available for DeepL translator (Turkish and Indonesian).

⭐  Field selector granularity has been improved, enabling a more precise selection of the elements to scrape in our scraping recipe builder.

⭐  Proxy support enabled for our sitemap extractor automation (to prevent blocked requests).

⭐  “Case sensitive” option can be selected or deselected in our Filter data by criteria automation.

⭐  Email discovery automation now allows multiple filter values to be entered.

⭐   An option to extract domains from subdomains is added to our Extract domain from URL and Email address automation.

⭐  Custom rows can now be selected in Google Sheets. Our Google Sheets import automation enables picking a range of rows in addition to the whole row.

⭐  Workflow filters have been improved, so you can personalize the workflows page UX to display workflows by status, automation, tags, and more.

⭐  The Dashboard of Hexomatic has been improved further for a better user experience.

⭐  You can now save your favorite automation directly on the automation page.

⏱️ Hexowatch

⭐  Our Technology monitor now allows you to check the status of multiple tech stacks from the list at once (found/updated/removed) or exclude them from the check.

⭐  Now it is possible to see the next/previous results from a specific page monitor.

⭐  Visual monitor has been improved for faster performance. Additionally, it offers “Delay”, “Refresh”, and “Scroll” options when adding bulk URLs.

In closing, happy to announce that we have created a number of new tutorials for Hexomatic and Hexowatch to help you along your automation and web scraping journey.

Check them out below:

How to scrape Wikipedia

How to download images from a list of URLs

How to scrape Google search results

How to scrape Google Maps search results

How to scrape Crunchbase

How to scrape password-protected websites that require a login

How to scrape MercadoLibre product data

How to scrape Product Hunt

How to scrape job postings to get your dream job

How to scrape reviews from Etsy sellers and run sentiment analysis

PS5 stock checker: How to set up a PS5 stock alert

Xbox Series X Stock Checker: How to get in-stock Alerts

We’ll be back soon with more exciting updates.