Month in review – August 2022

Taking a look back at the last month of summer at Hexact HQ, I am thrilled to report on exciting accomplishments and updates.

Our Hexospark early access beta launch is the biggest news of the month. 🎉

Hexospark is an all-in-one email and CRM platform that enables you to personalize outbound emails, automate follow-ups and grow your sales by nurturing your leads from prospect to client in one centralized platform.

You can access Hexospark here.

After the beta launch, Hexospark has received a ton of updates and improvements, including our cold email outreach masterclass course – an exclusive perk for our customers.

💥 A UX update featuring a redesigned dashboard with your pipeline metrics.

💥 Ability to pause and resume email campaigns.

💥 Ability to set default date/time format and calendar week options.

💥 Prepopulated ports for IMAP and SMTP settings.

💥 Dashboard and contacts pages now display status stats for contacts.

💥 Ability to sort and filter contacts.

💥 Email templating UX has been improved and more templates were added.

💥 Ready-made icebreakers are created. 

💥 Contact stats are now available inside campaigns.

💥 You can now see contacts inside organizations.

💥 New sorting and filter options are enabled for campaign contacts.

💥 Contact and organization form fields have been updated.

Hexomatic, our main growth-hacking platform, has received a ton of new updates, including 3 brand new automations: 

🤖 New Hexospark Automation released allowing you to send leads automatically to your Hexospark CRM and email outreach campaigns.

🤖 New Website Categorization automation deployed to help you classify websites based on their URL.

🤖 New Rename File automation- ideal for renaming randomly generated filenames with titles from your workflow data. 

🤖 Brand new public scraping library is live, providing ready-made templates to make it easier than ever to scrape common websites.

🤖 More platforms have been added to discover profile automation.

🤖 Scraping recipe selectors are improved.

🤖 Workflow library is now accessible from the dashboard. 

🤖 Our Data Input automation now enables you to map columns from your imported CSV file into Hexomatic.

Last but not least, we have added a list of fresh tutorials for Hexomatic and Hexospark to guide you in your automation and email outreach journey:

📙 Hexospark overview

📙 How to add contacts to the CRM

📙 How to create your first email campaign

📙 How to use the Hexospark browser extension

📘 How to scrape and download MP3 files

📘 How to scrape Etsy product data

📘 How to scrape and download PDF files

📘 How to scrape eBay listings

📘 How to use pagination when scraping websites

📘 How to use cookies to log into password-protected websites

📘  How to scrape Craigslist listings data

Autumn will be filled with even more exciting developments ⚡.

Stay tuned.