What’s on the horizon for Hexact

We recently surveyed our community and it was an absolute pleasure to hear about what you like and what you would like us to improve.

What is next for Hexact? 🚀

Generally, our customers keep asking us for better ways to consistently get more sales.

Times are volatile, and a steady flow of new customers is essential to growing any business.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest pain points we keep encountering is not having the time to keep finding new customers.

Which got us thinking…There has to be a better way, right?

What if you could receive high-quality leads on a daily basis that match your target customer profile…Right inside Hexospark, all on autopilot?

I look forward to sharing more about our upcoming lead engine soon.

👉 Hexomatic

Hexomatic is our highest-rated platform and you love how easy it is to create your own scraping recipes, tap into our ready-made recipes or automations for hands-free workflows.

The biggest improvements you would like to see include scraping recipes that work in a similar way to automations, being able to dynamically pass data into scraping recipes or workflows, as well as more marketplace features.

For the upcoming months we plan to improve these areas, provide more automations as well as improve our UX to make automation truly accessible to all.

👉 Hexowatch

It’s great to hear about how much time you’re saving by monitoring competitors and industry websites. That said, false positives can be an issue, especially with the visual monitor when pages render slightly differently from one check to another.

Our team is currently working on a brand new feature to help mitigate false positives by running dual validation. This new option will essentially re-test the page and check the underlying HTML to provide a second opinion before sounding the alert.

👉 Hexospark

Overall you’re big fans of our browser extension and how easy it is to capture leads directly from LinkedIn with automatically personalized icebreakers. You also like our simple UX and how quickly we are adding new features each week improving Hexospark

That said we still have work to do on our UI, in particular contact and campaign management. Another popular request was an easier way to find and send leads into Hexospark.

We hear you, and our team is busy working behind the scenes to improve these areas as well as on our upcoming features including image personalization.

👉 Hexometer

Hexometer is a customer favorite to monitor entire websites for issues, often finding problems hidden away from plain sight. But many of these fixes require a human touch to solve.

We plan to not only improve our coverage of issue detection but also help our customers find human help to fix these issues.

 If you would be interested in such a marketplace, as a user or developer/agency do get in touch.

We look forward to sharing more about all these upcoming updates soon.