Month in review – September 2022

We are excited to announce some epic wins this month for Hexact and the growth of our automation movement.

Finally, Hexospark, our all-in-one email and CRM platform, has been publicly launched on Product Hunt becoming one of the top 5 leaders of the day 🥳. 

Hexospark enables you to tap into 1-1 outreach, automate follow-ups and grow your sales by nurturing your leads from prospect to client in one centralized platform.

The next big achievement of the month: Hexowatch has been ranked #1 on the GetApp 2022 Data analysis software ranking achieving the maximum score of 100 🏆.

Throughout September, our platforms have undergone a ton of improvements.

Hexospark updates included:

💥 You can now upload images and attach files to your emails. 

💥 Email campaigns now display statistics and a projected finish time to help you track email campaigns with ease.

💥 You can now set tracking settings on a per-campaign level. 

💥 New SMTP providers added, including Apple iCloud Mail, Mailo, Hostinger, and more. 

💥 Popular SMTP email provider profiles added to automatically pre-fill SMTP Port fields and configuration settings.

💥 Email reply tracking is now available with our SMTP integration.

💥Campaign update flow has been improved. 

💥 New icebreakers and email templates have been added. 

💥 You can now bulk delete contacts, organizations, templates, and campaigns. 

💥 Emails can be sent directly from inside the CRM contact page, and it’s possible to keep track of the flow of your conversations by viewing your conversation history.

💥 Open and click triggers are available.

💥 Filters are improved allowing to drill down into folders, contacts, and organizations.

💥 Our browser extension now allows you to detect email addresses from any web page so you can add leads to your Hexospark CRM on the go.

💥 You can now easily update contact statuses right from the contacts section. 

💥A ton of UX improvements and bug fixes are made.

Hexomatic updates featured:

🤖 A number of 1-click scraping recipes are added to the recipe library, including Booking, Bestbuy, Flipkart, and more.

🤖 The UI of our public scraping recipe library is polished and added 1-click buttons to easily start.

🤖 Discover Tech Stack automation has been upgraded allowing you to check websites for more than 3000 tech stacks.

🤖 Google Drive (Export/Sync) automation is improved, enabling you to add multiple inputs as the source.

Hexowatch updates included:

⏱️ Visual and HTML monitors now allow choosing to be notified when no changes are detected on the monitored pages.

⏱️  Tech Stack library has been upgraded enabling you to check websites for more than 3000 third-party services.

Hexometer was also improved:

Hexometer has been refactored and upgraded. 

Lastly, we have added a number of new tutorials and articles to our Academy pages, including: 

Email Marketing Trends for 2022

How to scrape email addresses from any website

How to use public scraping recipe templates

How to use advanced SSML tags with Text to Voice

Regex 101 tutorial — A quick cheatsheet with examples

How to classify and categorize websites in bulk

How to monitor Udemy

How to monitor job postings to find your dream job

How to monitor press releases

How to monitor your competitors’ blog & content marketing strategy

There will be more exciting updates and improvements in October.