Month in review – March 2022

It’s been a busy month at Hexact HQ, with many updates and improvements across our platforms.

First up, we are excited to announce that we hit the 50K user milestone across Hexomatic, Hexowatch, and Hexometer. Special thanks to our team and our Hexact community. 🥳

Our flagship growth hacking and work automation platform Hexomatic received 7 brand-new in-demand automations to take your scraping to the next level including:

🤖 Trustpilot Search automation that allows you to tap into one of the largest business review directories as a new source of data or B2B leads.

🤖 Make, formerly Integromat integration, which enables you to send your Hexomatic data to 1000s of apps integrated inside the Make ecosystem.

🤖 QR code generator automation, which is ideal for mobile commerce or local lead generation at scale.

🤖 AI Sentiment analysis automation that allows evaluating financial headlines, scraped content, product reviews, and user-generated content on autopilot.

🤖 WordPress automation enables creating WordPress posts right from your Hexomatic workflow.

🤖 Resize and compress images automation, which allows you to optimize your images to make your visual content better than ever. 

🤖 Crop images automation, enabling you to highlight the desired part of the images at scale.

We also worked on improving core Hexomatic functionality, including:

⭐ An option to insert a date/time into the record is added in Google Sheets (Export/Sync) automation. 

⭐ Scraping recipe builder now supports dropdown menus to select options in forms.

⭐ Find and Replace automation allows selecting a column (not just typing text) and appending/prepending data on each element in the column.

⭐ Social links scraper automation can now detect Discord channels.

⭐ Added filter results option for the following integrations: Slack, Telegram, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Email.

⭐ Improved our frequently used Find and Replace automation with the option of removing data as well.

⭐ Discover tech stack automation also received an upgrade enabling you to check for specific tech stack combinations.

⭐ Hexomatic extension was enriched with a QR code generator, enabling you to create a QR code from the current URL.

Next, we deployed significant platform improvements on Hexowatch: 

⭐ Native Microsoft Teams integration, helping to keep teams up to date when changes are detected, went live.

⭐ Edit, re-check and delete became available in the change monitor.

⭐ From this month on, you can tailor your email notifications by selecting the type of images to include when changes are detected (choose from current Image, previous Image, and highlighted Image options).The update is available on App and website.

⭐ Delay, scroll, local storage, and cookie custom actions became available in the content monitor.

⭐ Faster Hexowatch previews.

⭐ Existing visual monitors can now be edited to change custom actions’ path.

Finally, in his new article for Forbes Business Council, CEO of Hexact shared key tactics to thrive during paradigm shifts.

We look forward to sharing more updates next month.