Month in review – June 2022

June was another fruitful month at Hexact HQ.

Here’s a quick recap detailing our platform updates and improvements for the past month.

Let’s start with a fresh set of UX and platform enhancements made to Hexomatic, our growth-hacking platform: 

⭐ Marking your favorite scraping recipes and automations. Additionally, you can save your favorite automation directly on the page of the automation.

⭐ Our scraping recipe engine now features improved previews, enabling websites with an HTML structure that caused preview issues to have a better and faster preview. You can reload the last session using the Retry button.

⭐ Workflow search bar has become more intuitive and allows you to perform a global search across all automations and scraping recipes.

⭐ The Discover profile automation has expanded to more platforms, allowing you to search across a wider range of platforms (more than 100 platforms were added only for this month).

⭐ The Google Sheets import automation has been updated, allowing you to import multiple columns.

⭐  A refresh button has been added to the Google Sheets import automation, which lets you see the updates in the automation after updating your Google spreadsheet.

⭐  The Hexomatic extension has been enhanced.

⭐ The Discover profile API and documentation have been improved.

⭐ The UX of Hexomatic has been improved. Redesigned chart bars and sidebar make the UX more intuitive and seamless.

⭐ It is now possible to track traffic for a specific period of time, along with the number of premium credits deducted from an account by using residential proxies.


⭐  We now support multi-tagging in Hexowatch, allowing you to sort your monitors using multiple tags.

⭐  You can now delete events from your Hexowatch feed.

⭐ Hexowatch custom actions now include a “Go to URL” option, allowing you to reach any URL within a monitoring sequence.

⭐ Hexowatch monitors have been significantly improved, allowing you to track changes faster, easier, and more conveniently.

⭐  You can now track traffic for a specific period of time, along with the number of premium credits deducted from your account by using residential proxies.

⭐ Redesigned chart bars and sidebar made Hexowatch’s user experience more intuitive.

⭐ We have improved our Visual monitor, allowing you to perform “Delay”, “Refresh”, and “Scroll” actions for bulk URLs.

Additionally, we have published 15 new tutorials to help you automate more tasks in your business. These include:

How to extract text from PDF documents and images

How to remove duplicates from Google Sheets

How to scrape social media profiles from websites at scale

How to scrape data from any website? No python required!

How to use scraping to find new customers for your coaching business

How to scrape products from eCommerce websites

How to migrate any eCommerce website to Shopify or WordPress via scraping

How to scrape Twitter profile data without an API

How to check your backlinks and track lost SEO links

How to scrape images from any website – no coding required

How to scrape any website to an Excel spreadsheet

How to Scrape movie data from IMDB without using code

How to scrape Indeed job listings at scale 

How to scrape Yahoo finance

How to scrape Reddit