Month in Review – January 2023

January in review at Hexact

It’s our utmost pleasure to announce the start of 2023 with some epic wins for Hexact.

Two of our growth-hacking platforms, Hexomatic and Hexometer have been recognized as Winter High Performers by G2, one of the most reliable sources for accurate and reliable customer reviews in the technology sector πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†.

Hexospark – our CRM and email outreach platform, is undergoing constant improvements and updates, bringing new in-demand features to revolutionalize 1-1 email outreach πŸ“©.

This month we have added another game-changing feature to Hexospark – personalized images.

With this feature, you can create hyper-personalized email campaigns, making your emails stand out from the crowd and turning more leads into customers πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Additionally, we have greatly improved the way email sequences are sent inside campaigns by adding a super-helpful feature of threaded follow-ups, in addition to separate ones.

With the threaded follow-ups, your recipients will receive your emails either grouped inside the same thread or as a separate item.Β 

Last but not least, we have made new improvements to help you protect your email deliverability. Hexospark can not only detect bounced emails but also pause any future emails to the bounced email addresses.

Throughout the month we have made a number of bug fixes and UI/UX improvements based on the valuable feedback received from our users.

In parallel with our product updates, we have been enriching our Academy pages to share more valuable content with you.Β 

πŸŽ“ Hexospark Academy

On our Hexospark Academy, you can find a variety of in-depth articles on how to master your email outreach, gain more leads, and close more deals.Β 

Here is what’s new:

What Is Lead Generation?

How To Prevent Emails From Going To Spam

The 20 Best Sales Email Templates

7 Game Changing Email Outreach Use Cases

5 Killer Hexospark Features You Will Wish You Had Known Earlier

πŸŽ“ Hexomatic Academy

Our Hexomatic Academy provides a ton of tutorials and insider guides, covering a wide range of common web scraping and work automation use cases.

Here is what’s new:

How To Scrape Amazon Seller Data Competing For Any Product

How To Scrape Alibaba

How To Scrape Costco

How To Scrape Github

How To Scrape Xml Sitemaps From Any Website

How To Scrape Tech Stack Data From Any Website

How To Scrape Phone Numbers From Websites

How To Scrape Whois Data From Any Website

How To Scrape HTML From Any Website

How To Scrape Videos From Any Website

How To Scrape Logos And Favicons From Any Website

How To Scrape Seo Meta Tags From Any Website

20 Ways To Scrape Data From Websites With No-Code

πŸŽ“ Hexowatch Academy

Hexowatch Academy provides tutorials and articles explaining the benefits of change monitoring and how to monitor specific websites for pricing and stock changes, and many more.Β 

Here is what’s new:

How To Automate Minimum Advertised Pricing (Map) Monitoring

Best Buy Stock Checker – How To Get Products In-Stock Alerts

Binance New Crypto Coin Listing Alerts

Last but not least, 

Our Youtube channel is growing and being enriched with more video content with proven growth hacking tips.Β 

This month we have added  a bunch of new videos, including:

Hexomatic Walkthrough

How To Scrape Any Website – No-Code 2-Step Scraping Tutorial

How To Scrape Google Maps To Get Fresh Leads In Google Sheets

Look out for more amazing new features, improvements, and useful content across all our platforms coming out in February.Β