Month in Review – February 2023

Month in review, February 2023

Welcome to the monthly wrap-up at Hexact HQ.

As always, we have been working hard to make new improvements to our growth-hacking platforms.

Here is a quick overview of what we have been up to the past month. 

Hexospark – our native CRM and email outreach platform has undergone another batch of improvements, including:

💥 The first step of the brand new Hexospark dashboard is deployed, allowing access to key metrics at a glance (Opened, Clicked, Replied, Interested, Won, Bounced) based on the contacts that were reached out to.

💥 Native Hexospark Microsoft Outlook 365 integration is live allowing you to connect business accounts to Hexospark instantly.

💥 1-click Unsubscribe is available inside Hexospark, giving your recipients the option to unsubscribe from future emails by adding an Unsubscribe link with personalized text that will be added at the end of your emails.

On the basis of feedback from our users, we have implemented a number of bug fixes and improvements to the  UI/UX of our platforms.

Our Academy pages have been enhanced to provide more valuable content alongside our product updates.

Here is what’s new this month.

Hexospark Academy

We have added a library of the best cold email outreach ready-made templates are proven to work for a wide variety of use cases, from pitching products or services to building SEO backlinks with cold email outreach.

You can tweak the templates according to your needs and use them inside Hexospark.

Here is the first series of our ready-made templates:

The Best SaaS Cold Email Outreach Templates

The Best Meeting Request Email Templates

The Best Job Application Email Templates

The Best Guest Post SEO Email Outreach Templates

The Best Broken Link SEO Email Outreach Templates

How To Introduce Yourself In An Email?

The 20 Best Sales Email Templates

How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Email

Additionally, you can check out our latest articles covering the following topics:

6 SEO Link Building Outreach Mistakes to Avoid

How to Build Your Sales Process + The 7-Stage Sales Cycle

What Is A Unified Inbox & How To 10X Your Cold Email Outreach?

The Definitive Guide to Cold Email Outreach

How to Start a Lead Generation Business in 2023

Hexomatic Academy

As usual, we have updated our Hexomatic tutorials to help you automate the most repetitive tasks and to scrape websites as easily as ever before. Here are this month’s tutorials:

How To Convert Images In Bulk

How To Check If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

How To Scrape Websites Using Advanced CSS Selectors

How to Perform 2-step Scraping

How to Scrape Directory Websites

Lastly, we have enriched our Youtube video tutorials collections with the following content:

How To Scrape Yelp To Find B2B Leads

How To Use Hexomatic Scraping Recipes

How To Migrate Any eCommerce Website To Shopify or Woocommerce

How To Automate Email Validation To Protect Your Sender Score

How To Scrape Websites Using Css Selectors

Wait for more amazing new features, improvements, and useful content across all our platforms coming out in March.