Month in Review – March 2023

Month in review- March 2023

We had a crazy-busy March full of new events, releases, and updates across our platforms. 

The month’s biggest news is the beta release of our new productivity booster – Hexofy. 

Hexofy is a super-smart browser extension allowing one to scrape data from any web page with 1 click.

We managed to acquire over 1000 users in the first weeks of the beta release of Hexofy. 

Special thanks to our beloved community of users for all the love and trust ❤️❤️❤️ 

The next major highlight is that we launched our first public offering campaign on StartEngine letting investors purchase their shares online and become a part of our fast-growing automation movement. 

Within a month, we managed to hit the $100K milestone, with over 100 new investors joining our movement to make data and automation accessible to businesses of all sizes. ⚡⚡⚡

You can also join our automation movement by investing in Hexact here

Another exciting news was followed: Hexact has been recognized as a prominent player in the global market for website change monitoring software by MarketWatch, the financial news platform owned by Dow Jones & Company, a subsidiary of News Corp.

Our team continuously works on new updates and improvements on all our platforms. 

Hexofy received a number of improvements throughout the month, including:

🌟 New compatible websites added, such as Twitter, Product Hunt, Linkedin, Google Maps, Appsumo, Zillow, eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Google Search, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok, and more. 

🌟 UI updates, allowing you to see at a glance your page capture allowance, when your plan renews, get notified of any new updates, open Google Sheets in a new tap, and refresh data captured from the page you’re on.

Hexospark received several new updates, including:

🌟 Outlook style “pane” mode enabled for the unified inbox, making it easier to breeze through all your email replies.

🌟The number of unread messages can now be viewed through the sidebar of the unified inbox.

Furthermore, we have launched our Hexofy academy, featuring super simple-to-follow tutorials to help you capture data using our browser extension. We have specifically covered:

How To Scrape Crunchbase

How To Scrape Reddit

How To Scrape Linkedin

How To Scrape Twitter

How To Scrape Google Search Results

How To Scrape Indeed Jobs

How To Scrape Tiktok

How To Scrape Youtube

How To Scrape Product Hunt

How To Scrape Google Maps

How To Scrape eBay

How To Scrape Walmart

How To Scrape Appsumo

How To Scrape Zillow

Our Academy pages for Hexomatic, Hexospark, Hexowatch, and Hexometer have been enriched with a ton of new articles and tutorials, including:

35+ Lead Generation Statistics

 How To Know When Someone Reads Your Email

 The Best Cold Calling Scripts For Sales Professionals

10 Best Email Finder Tools

 The Best Sales Books Of All Time

How To Scrape Recruitment Websites

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Thank you for your continuous support. We look forward to achieving more with our team, community, investors, and partners. ❤️

Stay tuned for more exciting news and improvements coming in April.